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Preferred Toys Balance Board - Wooden 33 Inch Wobble Board for Toddlers & Kids, Natural Wood Open Ending Learning Toy for Balancing, Posture & Fitness

Preferred Toys Balance Board - Wooden 33 Inch Wobble Board for Toddlers & Kids, Natural Wood Open Ending Learning Toy for Balancing, Posture & Fitness

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⦁ ENDLESS PLAY POSSIBILITIES: The Wooden Balance Board offers countless ways for functional play, from a sliding bridge to a tunnel, a seesaw, a toy car ramp, a mountain to climb, a football goal, and much more

⦁ BOOST DEVELOPMENT: This toddler balance board is also a fantastic tool for skill and fitness development, improving balance and posture, aiding in rehabilitation, and stimulating the vestibular system

⦁ IDEAL FOR ALL SURFACES: The balancing board’s underside has a felt pad that is quiet and harm-free on wood and tile floors. And don't worry about your carpet - this balance board works great on it too

⦁ YEARS OF FUN: Give your kiddo their first rocker board at just 8 months old and the playtime possibilities continue well into their childhood, making it a long-lasting investment in their development

⦁ SUPPORTIVE GRIP TAPE: Whether your child is just learning to walk or needs a little extra support, we provide you with optional grip tape to help kids' feet remain firmly on the wooden board

Get Creative and Get Moving with Preferred Toy’s Wooden Balance Board!

Get ready to take your child's playtime to the next level with this beautiful Wooden Balance Board! This versatile toy encourages endless hours of enjoyable physical activity and open-ended play for your kids.

The beauty of our Wooden Balance Board is that the only limit to play possibilities is you and your child’s imagination! Whether they want to turn it into a bridge, a mountain, a boat, a tunnel, or even a cozy bed for their favorite doll, the possibilities for fun and engaging play are endless.

This versatile balancing board is perfect for children from 8 months old and well into their childhood. Whether your child is sitting, crawling, or standing, the balance board toddler toy’s movements will stimulate their vestibular and proprioceptive systems, helping to support their overall development.

Why Parents Choose Preferred Toy’s Balance Board for Kids:

✓ Grip Tape: We offer added grip reassurance with optional grip tape that sticks to the board’s surface.
✓ Long-lasting Quality: A fantastic family heirloom made of natural, high-quality wood.
✓ Perfect for Indoor Play: A felt pad on the bottom of the board ensures a quiet and fun balancing experience on all indoor surfaces.
✓ Suitable for Adults: Want some fun when your kids aren’t watching? This durable board is ideal for adults too!

A Toy That Grows with Your Child: The Wobble Balance Board

As your child plays and has fun with this versatile toy, they'll find that coordinating their body movements and flexing the right muscles becomes easier and easier. And that's not all - even when your little one starts to get confident walking, the balance board continues to provide engaging and creative challenges. With our balance toys, your child will never run out of ways to play and learn, making it the perfect addition to your family's toy collection.

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